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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

English/Writing Minor

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A minimum of 30 graded credit hours
At least 15 credit hours must be upper division
A minimum grade of “C-” is required in all courses counting toward the minor and a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required to complete the minor. 
A minimum of 15 graded credit hours counting toward the minor must be completed at Eastern Oregon University. S/U courses may not be elected for program requirements.



Please note that course pre-requisites may not be taken as co-requisites.

The [T] listed after the title of the course means the course is recommended for future K-12 teachers.

If this minor is declared with the Professional and Public Writing minor, only two courses can overlap with the other minor. 

Many of the ENGL/WR courses have student standing requirements. The student standings listed on the courses are: freshman(FR), sophomore(SO), junior(JR) and senior(SR)

Prerequisites Required for Starting the Program: 8 credits

These courses are not counted in the 30 credit minimum to complete the minor

Required Program Courses


Take additional electives @200 level+ to reach the 30 credit required minimum for the minor (a minimum of 4 electives must be upper division to reach the total 15 upper-division credit requirement for the minor):

The credits can be any 200, 300 or 400 level ENGL or WR courses not already used in the minor.

The following courses may be repeated for credit with different topics: ENGL 210 ENGL 310 ENGL 322 , ENGL 339 , ENGL 390 , ENGL 395 , ENGL 401 ENGL 436 , ENGL 446 , ENGL 448 , WR 329 , WR 210 WR 310 WR 401 WR 406 , WR 436  and WR 452 .

Total credits required for minor: 30

If the requirements for the minor are not met at the time of graduation, the minor will not be awarded

Last EPCC update - May 2021 and April 2022 (clarifying the elective requirements)

Previous EPCC Checksheet (July 2018 update)


  • Interdisciplinary Studies Capstones in literary studies, rhetoric, or creative writing must meet English capstone requirements:
    • Literary Studies Capstone: must have at least 4 u.d. ENGL courses including ENGL 436.
    • Rhetoric Capstone: must have at least 4 u.d. WR/Rhetoric courses including WR 436. 
    • Creative Writing Capstone: must have at least 4 u.d. CW courses including WR 440 (on campus only). 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies students are then encouraged to enroll in the English/Writing Capstone sequence: WR 402 Capstone I (1) in Fall and WR 403 Capstone II in Winter, or they may enroll in IS 401.

The [T] after the course title means the course is recommended for future K-12 teachers.

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